making moves in the coaching game

The Coaches Hub is the UK’s first and most trusted 1-2-1 football coaching directory. We owe that title to both our amazing coaches who provide such strong support or our service and our determined players that prove day in day out that working extra hard reaps great rewards. 💪

Putting extra effort into your game outside of a general club training plan is the difference between achieveing goals and smashing down barriers. We know that good quality 1-2-1 coaches are hard to come by and often cost a small fortune.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website that simplified the process and put elite level football coaches in the palm of your hand. That’s what we thought too, so made it our mission to create the UK’s greatest directory for football coaches. The Coaches Hub was born…

Our profile feature allows you, the aspiring footballer, to see at a quick glance the elite level coaches available in your area for the 5 main coaching areas (Goalkeeping, Defensive Play, Midfield Play, Attacking and Strength & Conditioning) safe in the knowledge that they have been verified to hold the qualifications and experience they claim. This makes us one of safest bets when it comes to choosing your next 1-2-1 coach.